March 9, 2022

Backstage at the Egyptian: Jennifer Flatland of Beth Fowler School of Dance

Interview with Jennifer Flatland of Beth Fowler School of Dance. Jennifer will be performing as the Lilac Fairy in Fowler’s production of Sleeping Beauty happening on our stage March 11 – 13th. Interview conducted by Erin Cronin.

ERIN: How long have you been dancing? When did you start dancing at the Beth Fowler School of Dance?

JENNIFER: I have been dancing for 19 years all if which have been spent dancing with the Beth Fowler School of Dance.

E: What part do you play in this upcoming performance of Sleeping Beauty?

J: In the upcoming performance of Sleeping Beauty, I will be portraying the role of the Lilac Fairy.

E: How long have you and your fellow dancers been preparing for this performance?

J: We have been preparing for this show since the beginning of January, so only a couple months!

E: What are you most excited about when it comes to performing at the Egyptian Theatre?

J: The most exciting thing for me about performing at the Egyptian Theater is that it is so familiar to me. I have been performing there my entire dance career, so it holds a special place in my heart.

E: What is your favorite performance memory?

J: My favorite performance memory is from when I was younger and got to perform onstage with my older sister.

E: What future performances are you looking forward to?

J: I always look forward to the annual Nutcracker ballet performance, but I am also excited for next years’ March ballet, A Storybook Ballet!