October 29, 2020

Backstage at the Egyptian: Jaime Diedrich of the Irrational Masters

Interview with Jaime Diedrich from The Rocky  Horror Picture Show shadow cast Irrational Masters

ASHLEY: What is your position within the Irrational Masters?

JAIME: I’m the Treasurer of the cast, so I handle funds for prop kit sales and use those profits towards making or improving new props or new costume pieces for our cast.

A: How are you taking a cult classic and making it safe for 2020?

J: We’re playing it up for laughs as much as we can! After this gruesome year we all deserve to sit back and laugh a bit at the world we have to live in now. Socially distanced Rocky is a new thing for us, Rocky is known for audience interaction but we’re having to find creative ways around physical audience interaction. We’re modifying scenes to include social distancing both on stage and offstage as well as all the precautions the Egyptian Theatre is taking when it comes to operating during these times.

A: What do you like the most about being part of this production?

J: I love the atmosphere at each show. We pride ourselves on being a queer inclusive show for all kinds of people. Not only is a majority of our cast lgbt+, we know our audience is as well and we love to create a safe space for local lgbt+ people, along with some who travel from out of state to see our shows! I love that we’ve created a safe space where all genders and sexualities are accepted and I know that’s what a lot of my castmates needed when they joined. Through our hard work we’ve been able to create that space for ourselves and other people who join.

A: What is your favorite RHPS moment?

J: My favorite moment from the movie is when Columbia finally has enough and yells at Frank. It’s her big moment of finally standing up for herself and it’s my favorite part to do. My favorite on cast moment was the Halloween show in 2018. Instead of doing the usual Eddie and Columbia lift, we did the lift from Dirty Dancing and that feeling of being in the air was absolutely indescribable.

A: Any advice for first timers?

J: Come with an open mind! It’s not going to be anything like you expect it to be, so sit back and have fun while we perform for you. Prop kits are also a super fun way to be a part of the show! They come with little instructions so you know when to use the props and be a part of the show yourself!