September 11, 2019

Backstage at the Egyptian: Fall Intern Brooklynn Gosnell

Hello! I’m Brooklynn Gosnell and I’ll be the new intern for the fall at the wonderful Egyptian Theater. I’m a senior this year at Northern Illinois University where I plan to graduate this May with a degree in Nonprofit and NGO Studies. I moved to DeKalb last year from Peru, Illinois to attend NIU and get a degree in something I truly care about. I am very excited to intern and volunteer this fall with the Egyptian Theatre and can’t wait to work with so many others while also helping to maintain the theatre’s website! 

I am unbelievably excited to be interning with the Egypitan Theatre and can’t wait to work with all the fun people involved. I am extraordinarily eager to start helping within the theatre and I have no doubt that the experiences I’ll have here will help to prepare me tremendously with my future in nonprofits. The skills that I’ll learn and develop during my internship here at the theatre will certainly be useful to me for years to come. I want to give a huge thanks to the Egyptian Theatre for allowing me to intern with them this semester as I greatly appreciate their kindness.

I am also very grateful for those in the DeKalb County Nonprofit Partnership (DNCP) and for those in The Center for Nonprofit and NGO studies at NIU for providing me this opportunity to make an impact within the community. I am thankful for all those that have seen my potential and for all those that have helped to give me this opportunity.