October 7, 2020

Backstage at the Egyptian: Deanna Murphy

Interview with Deanna Murphy, owner of Elevated Edge Interiors.

ASHLEY: What is your experience with interior design?
DEANNA: I have an Interior Design Degree from Purdue University, am licensed in the State of Illinois and have worked on primarily Commercial Design for the last 30 years.

A: What are the new designs and how do they relate to the theatre?
D: Current trends, which are simplistic and with more clean, geometric lines tend toward neutral greys and tans, relying a lot on texture and sheen for interest. The Egyptian decor is in the Art Deco/Art Neuvou style which is on the opposite end of the spectrum, using a number of traditional motifs and lots of color and pattern.

A: How does this project compare to other projects you have worked on?
D: This one is unique in that there are not a lot of Historical Theatres that get refurbished. It is similar in that it followed the same design process and had a number of parameters that needed to be considered and accounted for. Since it is a public space that gets a lot of use and abuse, all of the materials selected needed to be very durable, easy to clean and meet commercial safety requirements.

A: What did you enjoy most about this project?
D: The most enjoyable part of the project was it’s unique character. There were a number of existing architectural elements and period motifs that we wanted to incorporate so that gave us a good starting point. Additionally, Alex Nerad and his team were dedicated to preserving and enhancing the integrity of the historical and aesthetic attributes of the Theatre so worked hard to make sure the funding for the new and refurbished finishes were a priority and didn’t fall victim to budgetary adjustments.

A: How do you think the new carpets will enhance the patron experience?
D: The carpet is such a major element, so having one that was uniquely designed for that particular space enhances all of the other elements and acts to unify and add additional interest and balance. All of this works to highlight the elegance of a by-gone era and provide a unique experience for the patron. They are not only enjoying a cultural event meant to entertain, they are doing it in a Theatre that provides an extra layer of stimulation to their experience.