November 1, 2022

Backstage at the Egyptian: Bill Blagg of The Magic of Bill Blagg LIVE!


KARYN: What can the audience expect to see at your show?
B: They can expect the unexpected!  Our new show is full of incredible magic, illusions and more.  We’ve combined all the elements of a true Broadway production from the stage sets to the story and lights to create an unbelievable experience audiences will enjoy.

K: Who or what inspired you to learn magic?
B: As a child of the 80’s and 90’s my biggest magic inspiration was David Copperfield.  I grew up watching his annual TV specials and there was just something about watching them that ignited a passion inside me for magic.  I expressed my interest in magic to my great-grandpa in a letter which changed my life forever.  Come to the show to learn how 😉

K: Do you have a favorite illusion to perform?
B: Each of the effects performed in the show are unique in their own way so it’s hard to call “favorites.”  However, if I HAD to pick I’d say it would be my Plexi Box illusion which is exclusive to our show.  There’s only 1 in the world and it’s an absolute miracle.  I get locked inside a glass box that gets hoisted over 10′ in the air then something “happens” that instantly drops the jaws of the entire audience.  The reactions are priceless!

K: What is your favorite part about being on tour?
B: My favorite part of being on tour is being able to meet & make new friends in the various cities that we visit.  Many of our tour stops are places we’ve been before so over time the familiar faces becomes our friends on the road.  It’s good to see them and experience the towns / cities we visit to see how they’ve grown and changed.

K: Does it excite you to perform at a historic venue such as the Egyptian Theatre?
B: The Egyptian Theatre is such an incredible venue!  The history, ambiance and mystique of the venue make it the perfect setting for our show.  Touring magic started in the vaudeville era and it’s always an honor to grace the same stages as those who came before so many years ago.