March 15, 2024

Backstage at the Egyptian: Beth Fowler talks ‘Cinderella’

As the Egyptian Theatre buzzes with anticipation for the upcoming performances of ‘Cinderella’, our spring marketing intern, Pamela, delves into an insightful interview with none other than Beth Fowler, the driving force behind the enchanting productions. With four captivating performances on the horizon, Pamela seeks to unravel the magic behind the Beth Fowler Dance Company’s rendition of this timeless tale.

PAMELA: What led you to choose Cinderella for this season?
FOWLER: The Beth Fowler Dance Company has a rotation of 5 ballets it performs every
year in March, so each ballet is performed at the Egyptian Theatre every 5 years.
Cinderella has been on our 5 year rotation since the first time we performed it in


P: Could you describe a little about the programs you offer and how could someone become
B: The Beth Fowler School of Dance is the school of the Beth Fowler Dance
Company.  Our dancers start in the school and progress to the Company. This
allows our dancers to perform in all our rotating shows as children in the school,
performing the children’s roles, then progressing to the lead company roles in
each of these rotating shows. The Beth Fowler Dancers perform at the Egyptian
Theatre 3 times per year and also have opportunities to dance in our optional
competitive program. The school provides a Summer Dance Camp that starts in
mid-July but is open for registration now. This is a perfect opportunity to progress
quickly and be on schedule to join our programs in the Fall of 2024!


P: How have you overcome challenges when working through a production?
B: People are amazed at how quickly we can put a dance performance on stage every
3 months. Nutcracker in December, one of 5 full-length rotating ballet each
March, and one of 5 rotating shows in June featuring all other styles of dance
(except ballet.) The secret is the fact that we have been presenting this repertoire
of shows for the last 35 years. The choreography, costumes, stage sets are all set
and ready to go. Also, our staff is 100% Beth Fowler alumni, so all the teachers
know all the choreography as they performed these shows growing up
themselves! The teachers are very committed to the School of Dance and all the
dance families. This is their home.

P: What has been your favorite part about producing Cinderella Ballet?
B: Cinderella is one of my favorites because it is a magical story that everyone
knows. The dancing and costumes bring such beauty, and the step-sisters bring
such humor to the show. There is something for everyone!

P: What does it mean to bring your production to the historic Egyptian Theatre?
B: We are so lucky to have the Egyptian Theatre in our community. It gives people
the feeling of going to the ballet in Chicago, without having to leave the area. I
have been working with the staff since our performance there in 1992 and all our
shows are programmed into their computer. They never miss a cue and this
makes every show run so smoothly.

P: What is one thing you hope your audience takes away from your show?
B: The goal is always to take the audience on a magical journey to visit a new world
of beauty, fantasy and make believe. It is a little escape from everyday life. Our
dancers appreciate a warm audience supporting their work, dedication and talent.