February 25, 2015

Backstage at the Egyptian : An interview with Rocky Horror’s Jeff Stout

Interview conducted by Chris Jackson – Egyptian Theatre Marketing Intern.

This week I had the pleasure to interview Jeff Stout, a cast member in “A Powerful and Irrational Mouthwash’s” Rock Horror shadow cast. I have never seen the show, and know next to nothing about it (besides the fact that leather and lingerie are somehow involved). Naturally, I was excited to talk with Jeff and try to understand the fabulous world of Rocky Horror before I witness it myself this Friday.

Chris: Who do you play in the show, and what do you enjoy about your role?

Jeff: I perform as Dr. Frank n’ Furter (pictured below). The most enjoyable aspect about playing Frank is his resolve. He will stop at nothing to be a part of a world that is foreign to him, yet so captivating by all the pleasures it has to offer.

 Jeff Stout as Dr. Frank n’ Furter

Chris: What makes you keep coming back to Rocky Horror?

Jeff: Many of my reasons of coming back have to do with the purpose of why Rocky Horror came to exist in the first place. The creation of this story was a statement, “just because someone is different than yourself; in whichever way that may be, does not give you the right to pass judgment, verbally or physically”. From that I have found Rocky to be an opportunity for anyone to be a part of that statement and the Rocky community allows them to become a part of something where they do not have to be fearful of those around them.

Chris: What is your favorite Rocky Horror memory?

Jeff: The moment or rather moments that I enjoy the most is each time the audience comes to us expressing how fantastic of a show they have bared witness too. Be it their first show, or fiftieth. I love knowing that the cast is impressing each and every time!

Chris: If you had to describe the Rocky Horror Picture show in only one sentence, how would you do it?

Jeff: The best experience with sex, science fiction, and rock ‘n roll in a film you can participate in!

Chris: As a final question, what is your favorite prop used in the movie and why is it your favorite?

Jeff: The transducer. It is such a “versatile machine.” It holds a familiarity to Frankenstein’s laboratory all condensed into one.  My favorite part about it is definitely its capability to turn people into Michelangelo like statues.

I definitely had a better grasp of the show before this interview. However, I do know that I want to see the show now more than ever. Watch Jeff and the rest of the A Powerful and Irrational Mouthwash perform this Friday February 27 at 8:00 PM.  Click for more details.