October 27, 2015

Backstage at the Egyptian: An Interview with Erin Boyle

Interview conducted by Brandon Pugh- Egyptian Theatre Intern. 

Erin Boyle is currently directing this season’s The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Historic Egyptian Theatre! Erin is a director with Irrational Masters, which is a live action shadow cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Erin has played a variety of characters throughout her time with Irrational Masters.


Erin Boyle Brandon: What year in school are you and what is your major?

Erin: I am a Sophomore double majoring in Visual Communication and Textiles, Apparel & Merchandising.

Brandon:  What do you enjoy most about theatre?

Erin: The opportunities that arise through directing this group are absolutely unbelievable. Working with The Egyptian has made it possible to get a large following for our group, and because of that we’ve been able to work at exciting new venues… its just been a blast!  I’ve been director for such a short time and this group is already snowballing and becoming something so new and wild, I’m just so happy to be a part of it!

Brandon: How long have you been involved with Theatre?

Erin: This Halloween show will actually be my one year anniversary as a cast member! Crazy, how much can change in just a year!

Brandon: Is this your first semester working with Rocky? If no, how many in the past and which has been your favorite show? If yes, what has been most exciting?

Erin: No, no, I’ve been at this for about three semesters, now. I think my favorite show was my first show as Frank. It was such an incredible experience, and the overwhelming love from the crowd was exhilarating.

Brandon: What makes you most nervous about performing?

Erin: Not. A. Thing! The stage is my happy place, I never feel more zen than I do when that spotlight hits me.

Brandon: What are your plans after Rocky? Continuing acting? Different Spring Cast?

Erin: I do adore acting, hopefully one day there will be something bigger out there for me. But until then, my Rocky Family keeps me content.

Brandon: Before performing Rocky at the Egyptian Theatre, what was your experience with The Egyptian Theatre, if any?

Erin: I hadn’t been to the Egyptian before joining cast. I actually moved to DeKalb, found an Irrational Masters flier, and IMMEDIATELY joined, so there really wasn’t even a chance for me to explore the town, let alone visit our gorgeous theatre.

Interested in joining the cast or crew? Check out Irrational Masters on Facebook!

Make sure to stop by the Egyptian Theatre on Saturday, October 31st (HALLOWEEN!!) or Friday, November 20th at 8pm to catch a spectacular performance! You can purchase TICKETS online or at the Egyptian Theatre. Box Office Hours are Tuesday 2pm-6pm and Thursday 11am-3pm.