And The Winner Is…

Two winners were selected for two front row tickets to see Gaelic Storm at the Egyptian Theatre on February 14, 2015.  To enter you had to describe your fondest romantic memory of the Egyptian Theatre or what your dream date to the Egyptian Theatre would be.  Here is the story from our first winner Craig Carpenter.  The story from our second winner will be posted on Monday.

carpsMy wife of 45 years, Gretchen, and I have fond memories of many movie dates at the Egyptian Theatre as DeKalb High School sweethearts in the mid ‘60’s. Now in the mid 60’s ourselves and living 35 miles away in Oregon, IL, we still love attending events at this great venue. Fortunately we no longer have the 1962 VW Bug with a bad starter which one summer required us to always park a block over on Third Street (across from the old DeKalb Theatre heading downhill) so that Gretchen could push to get us rolling until I could pop the clutch in second gear to start the engine. Perhaps not the perfect date idea, but we enjoyed it at the time.

-Craig Carpenter

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