October 25, 2012

Amenti Haunted House 2012 Recap

With nearly 600 wooden panels, 150 volunteers, box upon box of props, fabric, make up and fake blood the last few weeks here at the Egyptian have been interesting. Yes, it’s that time of year again for Amenti Haunted House – our largest fundraiser of the year.

Amenti Haunted House is named after Amenti – the Egyptian goddess and friend of the dead. It was she who welcomed the deceased to their new dwelling place in the netherworld. She was depicted as a beautiful woman carrying a scepter and the ankh of life in her hands. She was believed to live in a tree at the edge of the desert, a place where she could watch the gates to the underworld. She was often shown not only in tombs, but on coffins, being a goddess of the dead.

While the Amenti Haunted House initially takes you through a series of Egyptian themed scenes, you soon get to experience over 20 different scenes featuring the nightmares of those who have passed through Amenti’s gates before. From clowns to hillbillies and an insane asylum there is sure to play with your fears, or at the very least entertain you.

Check out the photos and videos in the gallery below for a sample of some of what you’ll encounter.