2019 Expansion Project

“90 years….and more to come”

Phase One – Priority Patron Amenities and Air-conditioning
Size:   approx. 4,200 sq ft (2 stories with basement)
28 ft addition to the south in Palmer Ct. (85 ft long starting from west end)
Estimated Construction Cost: $5.5 million
Completion Date: Spring 2020

Description: Increase size of public restrooms on first and second floor to meet current recommended standards.  Increase the size of the concession stand to maximize serving stations and add in-house liquor license.  Add concession stand on second floor for balcony.  Provide ADA accessibility in restrooms and at concession stand.  New historically appropriate carpet throughout theatre.


  • Acquire liquor license that would increase programming opportunities and generate additional revenue. Currently estimated at $100,000 in additional gross revenue each year.
  • Ability to accommodate larger audiences on a regular basis, more comfortably and efficiently.
  • More environmentally friendly theatre with lighting and water upgrades.
  • Offer year round programming with the addition of air-conditioning.
  • Become a sought after summer wedding venue with the addition of air-conditioning.
  • Ability to maintain historic facility with temperature control in regards to heat and humidity resulting in improved preservation and lower maintenance costs.
  • Provides inclusivity through ADA improvements at concessions and all restrooms.
  • Builds upon existing competitive advantages compared to other performance venues in the region.
  Existing Proposed
Main Floor – Women’s 3 Stalls / 2 Sinks 14 Stalls / 8 Sinks
Main Floor – Men’s 3 Stalls / 2 Sinks / 3 Urinals 4 Stalls / 5 Sinks / 10 Urinals
Mezzanine – Women’s 2 Stalls / 2 Sinks 6 Stalls / 4 Sinks
Mezzanine – Men’s 1 Stall / 1 Sink / 1 Urinal

3 Stalls / 3 Sinks / 5 Urinals

Main Floor – Concessions 2 Stations 4 Stations
Mezzanine – Concessions 0 Stations 2 Stations

Project Architect: Lisa Sharp – Sharp Architects, Inc.

Project Construction Manager: Steve Irving – Irving Construction Co., Inc.

Project Team: 
Mechanical/Plumbing/Electrical Engineer: RTM Associates
Structural Engineer: Hutter Trankina Engineering
Acoustical Engineer: Soundscape Engineering
Civil Engineer: C.E.S. Inc.
Food & Beverage Consultant: Clevenger Associates
Interior Designer: Elevated Edge Interiors

Timeline of Events

December 18, 2018 – DeKalb City Council approves $2.5 million in TIF funding towards project

December 19, 2018 – Egyptian Theatre Board of Directors approves contracts with Sharp Architects and Irving Construction.

January 7, 2019 – Engineering and preliminary design work begins

February 20, 2019 – City of DeKalb Planning & Zoning Commission approval

March 11, 2019 – DeKalb City Council approve property conveyance to Egyptian Theatre for expansion

May 1, 2019 – Groundbreaking ceremony (90 years to the day after construction started on the existing building)

July 1, 2019 – Removal of existing heating system, fans and ductwork begins.

July 15, 2019 – Digging begins and concrete is poured for first new footing.

August 12, 2019 – Shoring installation begins for addition.

August 30, 2019 – Concrete is poured for foundation wall footings for half of new basement.

Financial Support Provided By:
Updated 9/1/19

$2.5 million
City of DeKalb

Ron & Nancy Proesel

Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, Office of Tourism
Steve & TJ Irving
Dan & Kathy Schewe


Michael Larson
Doug and Lynn Roberts

CMSJ Partners

Richard and Sharon Jenkins
Norm and Barb Larson
Mary McGinn
Alex Nerad
Bill Nicklas
Steve and Lynn Parker
Brad and Linda Pietens

Jay Riippi
Robert and Robin Conrad

Anonymous x4
Michael Angel
Jerry and Sue Bemis
Vince Boone
James and Karen Buck
Mark Cerny
The Confectionary
Bill and Jennie Cummings
Dan and Mary Curran
Valerie Flynn
Carmeda Gregory
Hannan Family
Alex Hanold
The Hanold Family
Carl and Margie Hargrave
Heck Family
Marianne Holcomb
Wade and Jeanine Holcomb
Chris and Kathy Hubbard
Susan Hughes
Yvonne Johnson
Kevin Kissane
Raymond Larson
David and Nancy Leifheit
Brenda Metzger and Mark Maliszewski
Roxanne Maliszewski
Dick and Elli McLaughlin
W. William and Carole W. Minor
Gretchen Moore
Betty Nerad
Kevin and Nan Nerad
Cheryl Nicholson
Walter and Janice Owens
James and Lorreta Pugh
Kay and Mark Riley
Beth Schewe and Shane Sharp
Wendy Schnorr
Brian Scholle
Lynne Waldeland
Toney and Donna Xidis

Anonymous x7
Debra Angel
Judy Bergsmith
Ben and Val Bingle
Shawn Blobaum
Ron Booker
Tonia Cerny
Sue Dirker
Fischer Family
Linda Hanold
Dawn H.
Regina Harris
Mike Holland
Eric and Jenny Johnson
Pat Johnson
Stephen Karlson
Diana Kraft
Cary Mann
Tim and Janet Neubert
Tim and Bev O’Shaughnessy
Brandon Pugh
Dan and Virginia Seymour
Jim and Sharon Rhoades
The Schultz Family
Brian Shell
Max and Kelli Sinclair
Carolyn Swafford
Paula L Von Ende
Sharon and Mike Wadle
Jerry and Linda Wahlstrom
Anita Zurbrugg

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