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Taste of Home Cooking School Returns to DeKalb

TASTE OF HOME COOKING SCHOOL BRINGS THE TASTE OF SPRING TO DEKALB Specialist Adds Culinary Kick to the Season, Sharing Delicious Recipes with Local Home Cooks The perfect recipe for creating new memories with loved ones includes good friends, good conversation and, of course, great food. ... READ MORE


Lightwire: The Show

“LIGHTWIRE: THE SHOW” An Epic Adventure Launches On March 2, 2014 at Egyptian Theatre in DeKalb DeKalb, IL – The Egyptian Theatre and The Daily Chronicle are proud to present Lightwire Theater, known for their signature brand of dazzling visuals, poignant ... READ MORE


“Casablanca” – Tonight at 7pm!

It's cold outside but plenty warm in the theatre.  Casablanca will be on the big screen tonight at 7pm; doors open at 6:30pm.  Post-film discussion featuring Northern Illinois University Jeffrey Chown, Professor of Communication, and Robert T. Self, Professor Emeritus of Film ... READ MORE