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Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Jim Gibbons

Jim Gibbons is a historian who has made a name for himself teaching the importance of history. Using his passion for and strong knowledge of history, Jim offers riveting presentations on historical events and figures. Jim will be giving a presentation ... READ MORE


Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Kyle Stong From Think Floyd USA

Kyle Stong is the keyboardist for Think Floyd USA, a tribute band that honors the music of Pink Floyd through the energetic and gifted cast alongside mesmerizing lights and video. We recently sat down with Kyle to discuss the upcoming ... READ MORE


Backstage at the Egyptian: Interview with Billy McGuigan

The Egyptian Theatre has the honor to host Yesterday and Today: An Interactive Beatles Experience, featuring Billy, Ryan, and Matthew McGuigan and their backing band on October 14, 2016. The three brothers do not try to impersonate the Beatles, however, they ... READ MORE